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About Dawn of Ink:

For Parents:

Dawn of Ink online magazine company was made by kids for kids. Here at Headquarters, we want nothing more but to put a smile on your child's face. We value learning and education more than anything, and if it doesn't teach, it cannot be posted. We also want your children to realize what's really going on, without the inappropriate details, of course. You can really trust us to make a difference in your child's life, and by introducing them to the real world in a kid-friendly manner, they will grow up to be responsible and selfless adults. More than anything, we want you to be satisfied.

For the Readers:

Hi people! If you read the parents' version, you're probably thinking we're all boring. Surprise! To make a long story short: we're not. (We only act formal for the adults.) Here on this website, you can have a ton of fun! See, we will include school subjects, but also articles based on talking about the real world. It's much more exciting than you'd think, I'll tell you that. We've got everything from silly poems to coronavirus updates! My, you don't know what's in store for you.

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Contact Us:

Please, please, please contact us! I know that sounds dumb, but we have to hear from you. We need more input. It's true. We want more perspectives, more stories. Our goal is to share opinions, and yours are included! Whether you're writing an alert or an article, we want you! Write any type of article about anything! We'll put it in. Also, comics are another thing that we would like to add to our blog, so if you're an amateur artist and you want to share your work, you've come to the right place! If you have anything you would like to add, email it to us at We won't respond, but we'll have it. Have fun writing! For questions, comments and concerns, write to us at

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