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This is the first time in a while that I have posted! And to those of you who may be thinking, "Wow, this blogger finally recovered their abandoned their website," you are absolutely right! Well, not really...I have fully updated the archive and deleted the categories. That's it, though. Like I said on the front page, expect Minecraft videos! I am a big fan of exploring biomes, and I like the Crimson Forest a lot. Hint, hint! Also, there will be a pyramid and Ponzi schemes post, if any of you want to check that deadline for that one is the 27th. Of July, obviously. I hope you like our new book recommendations post. I have been reading a lot recently. We will begin posting on our Instagram channel more frequently! And lastly, I'm not being sponsored or anything, but National Geographic (adults version, obviously) is really cool! Subscribe to their daily emails for free! It's worth it. Well, only if you're a nerd like me.






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