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Three Crazy Moments From 2020

Well, it really is hard to choose (it's been a crazy year), but here I go.

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Whoa, only three crazy moments? I have so many more! Well, let's see here. I can get this to work. Perhaps.

Crazy Moment #1

According to BBC News, American states fully went into lockdown on April 3rd, when Georgia put in measures to keep people in lockdown. I think everyone knows how crazy COVID's been, and it feels so long ago that the lockdown started. People didn't know how to work on Zoom, everyone started loading up on toilet paper, it was chaos! Some say that if the U. S. had shut down earlier, there wouldn't be as many deaths. I guess I would agree, but you never know with these "if" questions, do you?

Crazy Moment #2

On May 25th, George Floyd died. This was crazy, but not in a good way. Crazy in the "oh my god, that can't have just happened, I thought this was a non-racist country" way. It sparked a revolution of sorts, though. People took to the streets to protest non-violently. It was a movement that everyone knew about, and it was amazing that people cared so much. People protested and resisted. Do you think they made a difference?

Crazy Moment #3

Okay, the last one. Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don't. You'll see in a second if you haven't already read ahead. On November 7th, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were proclaimed the winners of the 2020 U. S. presidential election, making Biden the 46th president, and Harris the first woman vice president, the first black vice president, and so many other firsts I don't want to count. They're going to be sworn in on the 20th, and that concludes this article.

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