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There are many incredible facts about dogs. Read this article to find out more. (Written by Rohan Vora)

Today you will be learning about dogs (Mammals) . Dogs (Scientific name: Canis familiaris) are amazing little creatures that can do many things in many ways. Here is an introduction about dogs: Dogs are very good companions and are amazing friends, but also face a lot of bad treatment. They are a domesticated species which means they are tamed. Just petting a dog has lowered a person's blood pressure. Dogs were probably the first tame animal. They have been with humans for many years, and all dogs came from wolves. Dogs were domesticated as far back as 15,000 years ago and were probably domesticated in China. Over time, they have evolved into hundreds of different variations.

Now that you know some basics about dogs, here are some more interesting facts. "Your dog's smell is about 10,000 times better than yours," quotes the Humane Society. Dogs can also sniff out dangerous weapons and cancer. Also, the Alpha dog is a myth. The alpha dog actually means the wolf/dog who hunts and takes care of the family and is treated best, so alpha dog actually means parent. The only reason scientists thought that Canis familiaris always has an alpha was because that, in wolf conservatories, someone is the ‘parent’ even though sometimes the wolves in the conservatory are separated from their family. Dogs are highly social animals. The loyalty and devotion of dogs are natural behaviors mainly due to their relationship to their pack (Group name: pack Canines were the first domestic pet) . Some small dogs can weigh 1.5 pounds! (Average Weight: 3 to 175 pounds). You may have known this: 1 year for a human is 7 years for a dog. Also, dogs are colorblind. That means they can not see colors except black, white and different shades of gray. Dogs evolved from the grey wolf as well as foxes and jackals. The reason dogs urinate on trees, rocks and fence posts is to mark their territory. Also dogs bury toys or bones just like wolves bury meat for later feasts. (Diet: Omnivore)

Dogs are very interesting, as you have read, but also very intelligent. Dogs are very smart and they can learn many tricks especially if they are motivated. The best way to motivate dogs is with food. Dogs can work! They can help with farming, gathering livestock, helping hunters, guarding homes and helping police and rescue programs. Dogs are very smart and can take up multiple jobs. A dog can show its emotion by bowing its head, wagging its tail or even smiling!

Despite being smart, dogs are sometime abused and mistreated. So please support animal rescues, and if you are going to get a dog please use a rescue, not a breeder. Even though dogs can be cute they can also be dangerous. Dogs did evolve from wolves, which are very dangerous. Dogs may look cute but beware. Never touch or go near a dog without permission from the owner or an expert. You should never be mean to a dog. Not only is it cruel, but they may also bite in defense.

In conclusion, dogs are amazing animals that can be adopted by anyone. Some types of their closely-related friends the wolves are endangered. Try to help these wolves by donating to various sites and/or just not hunting. I hope you learned something about dogs today and about all the ways you can help!

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