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Back to School! Amazing Items you Should Buy Before It’s Too Late!

Because your parents always get you most of your stuff, here are a few cool trinkets that they won't be able to resist!

In this post, we will give you a list of all the cool things your parents forgot to buy, such as crazy bookmarks, wood cut journals, and more!

1. iEGROW 3 Levels Adjustable Brightness LED Desk Lamp with Pencil Holder

This fun device can be used as a reading lamp, bedside light, or just a nice desktop lamp, among other things. With three different levels of brightness and a pencil holder, this lamp is perfect to use, and it looks cool! Oh, and I forgot to mention one thing: this lamp is flexible, and can quickly be adjusted to different heights and and angles. Find them here.

2. Crayola Take Note Chisel Tip Erasable Highlighters

If you have ever wanted to erase what you highlighted but couldn't, these are the highlighters for you! Coming in six glorious shades (Mystic Amethyst, Royal Majesty, Mermaid Wave, Glow Party, Coral Reef, and Electric Blush), these will blow your mind! With a vibrant chisel tip on one side, and a clear ink tip on the other, this product is simply astounding! Get them here.

3. Rose Gold Pens with Refills

These pens do not only look beautiful, they function great, too! If you have these gel pens, you do not need to worry about the ink smudging, bleeding through, ink leakage, or anything of the sort. Yes, these are fantastic pens! Shop for them here.

4. TRENDYMAX Backpacks

This collection of cute, relatively unisex backpacks, has exceptional backpacks that do the job. Plus, they all have awesome designs that are meant to inspire creativity, something you need when in an area of learning. Shop here.

5. MyBookmark

Inspired by practically anything, these imaginative, funny bookmarks are definitely awesome! In some cases, the legs of the character will stick out, while in others, the head will peek out. I don't know about you, but I think this is a must, not only for school, but for anything really! Get them here.

6. Laser Cut Wood Journals

Okay, nobody can deny the fact that this journal is really awesome! Just look at that cover! I think it's really beautiful, and if your school asks for a spiral notebook, why not bring this in? It's pretty nice, if I do say so myself. Get them here.

7. Rainbow Pencils by Duncan Shotton

Okay, these pencils are so cool! You can't draw a rainbow with them, but they're made out of recycled paper and when you sharpen them, you get rainbows! They're good for the environment, and make rainbows! Double win! Stock up here.

8. Society6 Backpacks

The image you see above is only one of the very many beautiful backpacks made by Society6, a platform for artists to share their creations, and then sell their original designs on many different products to people everywhere. I have looked at the list of backpacks, and they are just gorgeous. If I were you, I'd get a backpack from Society6. Take my advice and get one here.

9. Cat-Shaped Post-It Note Dispenser

This item is especially cute, because it's a little kitten holding post-its! I think it's hard not to like. If you're doing virtual, or even if you're doing in-person learning, I think that this is a nice little knicknack that you might want to take along. Buy it here.

10. Overstock Fluorescent Black Calendar

Yup, it's a fluorescent black calendar from Overstock. But that's not all! It's also magnetic, and I bet you can tell that it's a dry erase calendar as well. This calendar helps notify your family about your schedule, and on top of that, it adds some nice color to your home! If you need a good way to organize your schedule, this might be the answer you're looking for. Check it out here.

Thanks for reading! I hope you will check out these gizmos and gadgets!

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