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Beautiful Birds: Atlantic Puffin

Not penguins, but puffins!

Beautiful birds is a segment we're doing to honor the brilliant birds all around us. Today we are learning about the Atlantic Puffin, so let's get started!

The Atlantic Puffin (scientific name Fratercula arctica) is a black and white bird that spends most of its time in the water. In fact, the only real reason it goes on land is to mate, which we'll talk about later.

During breeding season, the beaks turn bright orange and yellow, but in the times that they don't breed, their beak colors are a little more drab and the white of their feathers fades to a gray-ish. Also, when courting, puffins rub their beaks together. It's very interesting.

A female will lay one egg, and the parents will take turns incubating it. By the way, a juvenile Atlantic Puffin is a lot less bright, too. Anyway, that's about all about the baby puffins.

Fratercula arctica eat small fish and crustaceans. If it's food for the babies, they'll normally bring small fish and things. Puffins can carry many pieces of fish all in one go in their mouths, so that's really handy.

And that's about it! If there's anything I forgot to mention, please email me. I enjoy feedback. Thanks for reading about beautiful birds!

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