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Beautiful Birds: Steller's Jay

Definitely a beautiful bird, let's give you some facts on this one!

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Beautiful birds is a segment I'm doing to honor the brilliant birds all around us. Today we are learning about the Steller's Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri), so let's get started!

With virtually no threat of going extinct, these birds can be easily spotted because of their oh-so-recognizable colors and crest, though National Geographic says that the young versions of these birds are dull and brownish gray in areas. 11.5 inches long, you will find these birds in the west. And through my research it has come to my attention that they do enjoy coniferous (plants from the order Coniferales) forests/woods.

There are many subspecies of the Steller's Jay, who live in places from Alaska to Nicaragua. Some subspecies have, instead of blue streaks on their crest, white ones, and their size and precise color will vary subspecies to subspecies.

Here's what I think is the coolest fact about a Steller's Jay: they're mimics. And good ones, too! They can mimic other birds, other animals, and even some mechanical machines! Sure, your mockingbird can do that, but this jay is catching on to its trick.

And there are more facts about this bird, but I wanted to make it short! If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, email us at, and we'll see. We may not respond even if you do, but know that your voice has been heard.

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