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Compost Q & A

What is compost? How do you use it? Can you do it at home?

Q: Compost, what is it?

A: Well, it's basically organic material that's decomposed into soil and stuff.

Q: What's a compost service?

A: A compost service is a company that supplies you with a bucket, and then you fill it with compostable stuff, and every week they take it away to turn into real compost.

Q: What is compostable?

A: Well, different companies will tell you different things, but really, a lot of stuff. For example: fruit, meat, bones, paper towels, and so on. I couldn't list it all here.

Q: My compost is outside. How do I keep bugs and stuff out of it?

A: Maybe buy a bin that is pest resistant. That'll keep pests out.

Q: My compost smells bad. What do I do?

A: It might be either too wet, need more air circulation, or have too much nitrogen. If it's too wet, add dry brown materials. If it needs air circulation, turn the pile well, and make sure that the pile has an easy way to get fresh air. If it needs less nitrogen, break up clumps of high nitrogen materials, and add brown materials.

Q: A lot of animals are attracted to my compost bin. What do I do?

A: A compost pile should rarely ever attract animals. If it does, you might want to move your compost into a locked bin.

Q: Can I compost all year round? What happens in the winter?

A: Well, says, "If you live in an area where temperatures remain above freezing, your compost pile will continue to break down. If, on the other hand, you live in an area where temperatures fall below freezing for part of the year, the rate of decomposition will slow and if the nitrogen level is too low, the pile may freeze completely. If this happens, continue adding materials and when the weather warms up, the pile will begin to decompose again."

Now that we've answered some questions about compost, I hope you consider getting a compost service for your house. I would recommend WasteNot Compost, but any company works.

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