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Cultural Treats: Wagashi

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Don't know what this is? You're in for a sweet treat!

Never seen these before? I don't blame you. These traditional Japanese treats may not be very popular here in America, but in Japan they are very well-known.

Take a close look at the picture above. Is there some kind of theme? Besides the fact that they look too beautiful to eat, there is a sort of connection between all of them. You see, wagashi are seasonal treats. So in the image, each little bite has a different season it's based around. But not all wagashi look the same. In fact, they're all very different. Everyone makes them based on his or her own inspiration as to how they should look. It's technically entirely up to the creator.

As you can probably tell, this video pretty much covers all that you need to know about wagashi and making it. Just as a review, wagashi is a teatime treat, it is made with smart ingredients, they can be made with molds or shaped with hands, and there is an infinite number of designs for the treats. As you can see, wagashi is more complex than it looks, but certainly just as sweet a treat.

Check out Google Arts and Culture and also click here and here if you want more.

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