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El Dia De Los Muertos

We know Halloween, but The Day of the Dead?

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The Day of the Dead (El Dia de Los Muertos) is a Mexican (now celebrated in many countries) celebration to honor their lost loved ones, and is most definitely not just a Latin American version of Halloween. If you’ve ever seen Coco, the movie, know that most of the facts are spot on (besides him crossing over into the world of the dead and all that jazz). Celebrated on November 2nd, it’s a beautiful holiday.

Like I said, the holiday's purpose is to remember the deceased members of everybody's families, but how to do it? Well, they have a foolproof way. Offrendas (personal altars honoring one person) are made, graves are decorated, and people put out food that their loved ones liked, along with doing activities that they enjoyed.

You may have seen pictures of skeletons and candy skulls among other things included in the festivities. Many artists will put some of these things (skulls and skeletons) in their work, featuring them in funny or interesting situations. Parades are held, and festivities are everywhere. But what is it all for? What is the point? Well, the belief is that on that night the dead awaken, so that they can be with their family and loved ones. What do you think?

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