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Elizza's Poetry Collection: I Hit My Principal (Accidentally)

Elizza's new poem is fun and witty! Written by Elizza, published by Parvani.

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"I Hit My Principal (Accidentally)"

By Elizza

My year was practically ruined

After winter break

I’d better explain,

I made a horrible mistake!

It was the beginning of January

Winter break was nearing an end

It was time to go back to school

And I was excited to see my friends.

Rumor had it, there was a new strict principal

I’d heard you wanted to stay on her good side.

She had eyes that could glare and a dramatic flair

And when it came to trouble… she never let it slide.

I was speeding down the slopes

Wind flying behind me

I got ready to turn

But my pole was on the wrong timing!

It swung through the air,

And then... SMACK!

I looked up to see

It had hit a woman’s back!

I was terrified,

As she started to turn around

My eyes went wide

And my mouth made some sort of sound.

Her eyes were angry and fierce

Like the eyes of a tiger

She gritted her teeth

To control the fury inside her.

She seemed so familiar.

And I should’ve known at first sight.

Then suddenly it struck me

She’d been on the school’s website!

She was the new principal

And I’d just WHACKED HER with my pole!

What was I going to do?


What would she say?

What would she do?

She couldn’t hold this against me

When I went back to school.

Never looking back,

I caught some speed and skied away.

I didn’t dare turn to look

At the woman who was going to make me pay.

Later, I was full of dread

As I walked into school

I braced myself -anything could happen

Under the principal’s rule.

Sure enough, when the clock struck noon

My name came over the loudspeaker

They called me down to the principal’s office

And I slowly walked past my teacher.

Out of the classroom,

Out of the hall,

Down the stairs

Down them all.

I found the office and stood by the door

I braced myself and shook with fear

I opened the door, stepped inside

And the rest of the story… you’re not going to hear.

But let’s just say,

My year was a DISASTER!

So don’t get on your principal’s bad side

She won’t EVER let you slide past her.

Elizza is a guest writer for Dawn of Ink. Email us at if you want to submit an article.

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