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Elizza's Poetry Collection: All Hallows' Eve

I worked on this with her, and I must admit, it's pretty awesome! What better poem for October than one about Halloween? Written by Elizza, published by Parvani.

"All Hallows’ Eve"

By Elizza

It was a pitch black sky night

And it was all Hallows’ Eve

My brother and I were all dressed up

And ready to trick or treat

My brother was a ghoul,

And I was a mummy

We went from house to house

Until all the candy filled our tummies

We heard the church bells strike twelve

To signal it was midnight

I turned to my brother

But he’d left me alone in the dark night

Who did he think he was?

Leaving me all alone

Well, I’d get him back for that.

So I headed to the home of the headstones

You see, I’d heard a story

A year or two ago

That on the scariest day of the year

People came alive from under their tombstones

They pledged their lives

To the one who awakened them

And if they pledged their lives to me?

My brother…. Well, they could haunt him.

But as I headed to the graves,

I realized something scary.

How would I get back home?

After I awoke the buried

I couldn’t see anything,

So I trusted the monsters would guide me

Shine their light on the trail

And follow right behind me.

And as I arrived at the graveyard,

I felt quite a shiver

It could’ve just been my imagination

But it made me quiver

Where to go first?

I wondered with dismay

And how did I awake them?

And… WAIT.

Who told me that story?

Oh no. Oh dear.

It was my brother I heard that from

Then he must be near

He’d told me this last night,

As a little prank, he probably thought

But it was much more than that,

And now I was lost.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder

And I screamed an ear shattering scream

I heard a laugh—my brother’s laugh

“Happy Halloween!”

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