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Elizza's Poetry Collection: Family Road Trip

This is Elizza's second poem published in our magazine. If you like this, you will like Under the Bed. Written by Elizza, published by Parvani.

"The Road Trip"

By Elizza

My family went on a road trip,

And I’ll tell you something: it wasn’t easy

Because first of all, I had a cat.

And it wouldn’t stop sneezing!

It’s a very long story

Of how that cat came to be

But I’ll tell it to you

And hope you learn a lesson from me.

I was going on a different road trip

In the middle of october

When I met some animals

And almost drove them over.

There was a little piglet

That jumped in through the window

And he wouldn’t ever leave

Then comes another piglet and -OH NO!

A murder of crows,

A gaggle of large squawking geese

A group of ducks

And that cat was still sneezing!

I wonder why,

All these animals have arrived,

I thought in my head,

As the animals layed down for bed,

So I followed them to sleep,

But oh goodness me!

Some animals were nocturnal

And the steering wheel was now covered in pee!

There was now a lion that roared,

So I couldn’t ever lie down again

In fear the animal would eat me

So I stayed up instead.

I sighed and I sighed,

And I tried and I tried

But the animals wouldn’t go away!

I yelled and yelled

And I dwelled and I dwelled

On what would make them go away!

But still, and still,

The animals insisted

On getting to stay.

So I drove on back,

To the north pole,

I dumped the animals out of the car,

And hoped they’d freeze in the cold.


A whole week later,

There was a knock on my door.

And a policeman came bearing,

A lion that roared,

And a group of ducks,

And a murder of crows

And a gaggle of large squawking geese

And a little piglet,

Who jumped through the window

And that cat that gave one last sneeze

(To a sigh of relief

From the policeman and me)

But when the policeman left

He left something with me

And guess what he left?

The big responsibility!

Of all the animals,

Who soon became my family,

So we went on a road trip.

And remember that road trip?

That, my friends, was how it came to be.

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