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Elizza's Poetry Collection: Under the Bed

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Here's our only guest writer of this issue. Written by Elizza, published by Parvani.

"Under the Bed"

By Elizza

What lies under the bed?

An interesting question indeed.

But if you asked your parents

They'd give a different answer than me.

They'd say that there's nothing,

It's empty under the bed,

But you must know they're wrong.

And that I'm right instead.

I've been under the bed

More times than I can count.

I've seen unimaginable things,

But scary's not a word I'd always announce.

First let me tell you,

About the Kalorious,

I know him personally,

And I must admit he's glorious.

He's got a soft, rubbery tail,

And spikes on his back,

But he won't hurt you,

Unless you attack.

And then, of course,

There is the Milsabore.

A fine monster, I'll say.

He'll cuddle you up,

Most of the time,

But never, my dear, on a Monday.

He's giant and he looks

Like a marshmallow,

He's soft, squishy,

And a nice big fellow.

But on a Monday,

He'll be vicious,

This is the only day

He'll think you're delicious.

Thirdly, there's the Halkmooth,

Who won't always be around,

But he'll steal your yellow garbage bags,

And eat them 'til he's plump and round.

You'll see him,

Blind from yellow,

Wandering around.

You'll see him,

Jittery like jello,

Sometimes walking 'round town.

Oh! But we can't forget,

About the wonderful Ethea!

She's very, very kind,

But not her sister Arena.

Arena is rude,

But she's got smarts.

No monster is like her,

'Cause she's got a mean heart.

Ethea and Arena,

Bickering sisters,

You might hear them,

Just above a whisper.

And then,

There's Ugaso,

A monster of the dark.

"I like

The shadows,"

She'll remark.

Ugaso has tentacles,

That suck up all the toys,

Strewn under the bed,

Which she really enjoys.

So my dear friends,

Put things where they belong,

Or Ugaso will get them,

And they'll be long gone.

But lastly...

There is a monster.

A real, true, evil


One that might bite you,

Or eat you all up,

One that is

Cruel enough.

To hurt you,

And give you a scare.

To scratch you,

So beware.

Beware of this monster,

This unnamed monster.

Beware of this monster,

This unseen monster.

But then, you may ask,

How does it exist?

Well, I've met it once,

And it wasn't pleasant.

Though no one else has seen it, I have.

I've seen it, and it said, "Boo."

Because I always check under the bed,

And now, so should you.

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