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Elizza's Poetry Collection: What Monkeys can do With Bananas

Another poem written by Elizza. This one is pretty fun! Written by Elizza, published by Parvani.

"What Monkeys can do With Bananas"

By Elizza

I say,

The zoo is a very interesting place.


When things escape.

But when the monkeys

get out of their cage,

The whole word flips

And turns into a banana juggling stage.

Yes, read that again.

That really is true

Monkeys can juggle

And a lot better than you

But wait,

Let’s go back.

Way way back.

When the zookeeper first arrived

And all about that:

He was a little man,

A dwarf, I’d say

He had a little top hat

And he demanded extra pay.

He was ready in a heartbeat

And the first thing he did?

He dressed up the monkeys

Then gave them torches that were lit.

He told them to juggle,

But they just shook their heads

It wasn’t the fire, though.

They wanted bananas instead.

So the zookeeper got some bananas

And lit them with a torch

Finally they juggled

And the bananas got scorched

Then the monkeys handed the bananas

Right to the crowd

They gobbled them up,

Then the monkeys demanded to be let out

So a little girl stepped forward,

And sweetly asked for the keys

The zookeeper was alarmed,

But she had said please.

So he gave her the keys.

She unlocked the cage,

Then held it open wide

The audience screamed,

And a little boy cried

But then what happened?

The monkeys waved to the crowd

Then jumped around.

They looked for a flame

But found a torch on the ground.

They lit up some bananas,

And began to juggle

They juggled for hours

Until all was left of the bananas was rubble

They began again and again,

You can find them there today!

And the dwarf is still their friend.

Until the end.

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