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Environment-Friendly Web Browsers

You wouldn't believe what some of these web browsers are doing! Or maybe you would, I don't know.

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What are some eco-friendly web browsers? I mean we all know Google and Safari, though there are other ones you might know, such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Firefox. But here are some ones that benefit the environment that you should start using now (well, soon)!

1. Ecosia (

Ecosia is a web browser I started using recently where for every few searches that you make, you plant a tree! I think it's a fantastic idea, and the company itself promises not to sell your data to advertisers. The way that the system works is that you search things and then ads come up, and by clicking on them Ecosia gains a profit and uses it to plant trees. Planting trees in areas that need it, Ecosia is truly a do-gooder in the website industry.

2. OceanHero (

OceanHero, like Ecosia, gets money from its advertisements. But instead of planting trees, it takes one plastic bottle out of the ocean for every five searches you make. And no, I'm pretty certain neither of these are scams, I think they're just people really trying to help the environment, and I fully support that.

3. Ekoru (

This one is basically the same as OceanHero, taking plastic out of the ocean, except it also plants more seagrass. Is it just me or is this feeling repetitive? Well, at least they're making a positive impact.

Unfortunately I have only heard of a few search engines that are good for the environment, but let's all keep our eyes peeled, shall we?

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