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Kangaroo Words

You know synonyms, antonyms, you might know homophones, anagrams, and palidromes. But do you know what a kangaroo word is?

What is a kangaroo word? Well, you're about to find out. A kangaroo word is a word in which its synonym is contained. You might be wondering what I mean. Here's an example: blossom. Maybe I should explain. The whole word is blossom, but the underlined letters spell out bloom, which is a synonym of blossom! And by the way, the words inside the main words are called joey words. There are many, many, many, different kangaroo words, and we have just a few listed for you.

  • Honorable = kangaroo; noble = joey

  • Lighted = kangaroo; lit = joey

  • Dismayed = kangaroo; sad = joey

  • Precipitation = kangaroo; rain = joey

Anyway, I hope this was kind of interesting to you, and perhaps you'll want to look into this more. I would, but it's entirely up to you.

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