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Literacy Corner: Example

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As a company, we have planned to have an article with literacy submissions (poems, short stories, comics, essays, etc.), but we have not yet received any, so this will just be an example.

The Wedding of the Objects

By Parvani

Father Crayon busied himself with the wedding,

While his daughter, Penny Pencil, fixed the house and their bedding.

The kind knitting needles caressed their threads,

But the sewing needles teased about their odd-shaped heads.

The mockingbird sang,

And the whole kingdom rang

Even King Sunflower raised his crown,

As Penny got into her beautiful gown.

As they neared the church,

Father Crayon’s stomach began to lurch.

Cruel Raven cackled with delight when he saw the scene that followed,

As the wind made a sound that was eerie and hollowed.

The Ladybug priest

Soon deceased

And the Orchid eloped,

But not with who Penny’d hoped,

For he ran off with the pen,

Penny’s only friend,

And they chortled as they went.

“I wish,” said the spoon, “That they had just paid the rent!”

Like I said, this is just an example, and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the cool things people think of! Have fun with it! We are not looking for boring stuff, that's for sure.

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