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Ongoing Segment: An Alphabet of Cool Foods (2)

Here it is! Your one and only a to z collection of cool foods.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you've all been waiting for: An a-z alphabet of cool foods! It's exciting, I know, so enjoy it now, and eat it later! (Actually, some of these are totally disgusting, so I'll let you know what to try or avoid by using emojis. Here's the key:

😃=it's great, 🙂=it's good, 😒=it's an acquired taste, 🤨=it's okay, 🤮=completely disgusting, 🤷‍♀️=I seriously don't know.) One last thing, we're splitting this section into three parts, so you'll only see "j" to "r" today. No more wasting time, let's go!!!

J -- Jalebi 🙂

Jalebi is a sweet Indian treat, but if you do some research, it didn't actually start off in India. Still, Indians love it, though sometimes Indian sweets are a little too sweet. This dish has many different names, such as 'jilibi', 'zelapi', and 'pak'. Anyway, here's a recipe for crispy jalebis.

K -- Kumquat 🤷‍♀️

A kumquat is an Asian fruit Kumquat started off in the genus Citrus, but eventually scientists moved them to the genus Fortunella, though some people still say they're Citrus. You can eat a kumquat right off the tree if you want. Even the skin is edible! Believe it or not, the skin is sweet, and the fleshy part is sour! Isn't that strange? Here's a recipe for kumquat jam.

L -- Lekvar 🙂

Okay, before you say that that's a lump of poop, let me tell you that I just put lekvar on this list because it looks weird. Anyway, lekvar is a jam made from prunes and/or apricots. It's used as a filling for things like pastries, so you may have heard of it. For example, this does show up in hamantaschen. Ring a bell? Here's a recipe for hamantaschen.

M -- Monkfish 🤷‍♀️

Okay, there's a reason I didn't supply a picture. I think monkfish look disgusting in real life, and so I felt like doing a drawing just to not be too freaky. If you want to see monkfish in more things, look at Top Chef Season 1 Episode 3. I really don't have that much to say. I don't know much about monkfish, and I don't expect I'm ever going to. Here's a recipe for monkfish.

N -- Nashi Pear 🙂

I had never heard of Nashi Pears, but they are supposedly Asian pears that taste really good. One large Nashi Pear will really help with Vitamin C, so eat it up! Nashi Pears come from the same family as roses, and the skin of a Nashi Pear is often speckled, and can be anywhere from light yellow to golden brown depending on the species. Here's a recipe for Nashi Pear muffins.

O -- Oxtail 🤷‍♀️

The concept of oxtail is pretty odd. I mean, who wants to eat the tail of an animal? Not me, that's for sure. Anyway, oxtail used to only be the tail of an ox (as the name implies), but nowadays people won't worry if it was a female cow's tail. Apparently the taste is very good, but I can't give you a firsthand account myself! Some people say that braised oxtail is better than short rib, so you know what? Go ahead and try it! Maybe it's good. You never know. Here's a recipe for Jamaican Oxtail.

P -- Plantain 🙂

Does a plantain remind you of anything? A banana, perhaps? Well, you've got the right idea, although plantains are a lot less sweet than a regular banana, which some people call a "dessert banana." Plantains are high in antioxidants, but are hardly ever eaten straight off the tree because they just taste bad raw. Plantains grow in tropical countries all year long, so there will never be a time when they're not in season! Here's a recipe for baked plantains.

Q -- Quandong 🤷‍♀️

I'm assuming you've never heard of a quandong fruit before. These fruits grow in Australia, but there are actually three different types of quandong. There is the desert quandong, the blue quandong, and the bitter quandong. Yes, there is such thing as a blue quandong, and the fruits look like big versions of blueberries. Look it up! It's cool. Here's a recipe for a quandong sorbet.

R -- Rocky Mountain Oysters 🤮

Okay, Rocky Mountain Oysters are bad. Period. I haven't even had them and I know they're disgusting. How do I know? Well, a little bird told me that Rocky Mountain Oysters are made out of bull testicles. Yeah. Who would want to eat that? Not me, I'm not going to be disgusting. By the way, I'm still including a recipe for any weirdos who want to try it. Here's a recipe for Rocky Mountain Oyster Stew.

I hope you enjoyed all those recipes, and if you have any favorites, email them to me at Even if we don't respond, we'll have your email. Thanks for reading!

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