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Parvani's December Movie Recommendations

Getting bored with your movies? All of the ones on the list are good, and you'll probably hear of some new ones to add to your "to-watch list."

This month's recommendations:

  • I Am Greta Not Rated

This being a new movie, I will assume you haven't watched it. But I will assume that you know who Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate activist, is. Even though most people in the world know her story, it helps to go deeper into what she really experienced. When I watched this movie, I knew that it had opened my eyes even more to what's really going on with our planet, and what we all need to do.

  • A Christmas Story PG

If you haven't heard of this one, well, your parents may not be too into the classics! Classic Christmas movies, that is. Yes, this movie is one that many know, following Ralphie Parker in the snowy days near Christmastime. He's a normal kid who does normal things: tries to avoid the local bully, says the occasional accidental swear word, and dreams of getting an air rifle as a gift. Of course, everyone says he'll poke his eye out with that, but who knows?

  • It's a Wonderful Life PG

Yes, this movie is black and white, and yes, it is pretty old, but still! This is one of my favorite movies, and you can't ditch it on account of its age (well, you can, but let's not get into that)! Anyway, this movie is about George Bailey, an adult male who is thinking of ending his life as angels look at his life so far (no, the movie is not about religion, I assure you), but eventually Clarence, his guardian angel, comes down to show him that life is worth living, and it is!

Since it's the holiday season, also be sure to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone (and all the others in that series), Elf, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Polar Express, Scrooged, and many more!

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