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Parvani's October Poem Recommendations

Halloween poems, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Special Edition! Kenn Nesbitt Halloween Poems!

This month's recommendations:

  • "Halloween is Nearly Here" by Kenn Nesbitt

Halloween is nearly here. I’ve got my costume planned. It’s sure to be the most horrific outfit in the land.

If you should see me coming you may scream and hide your head. My get-up will, I guarantee, fill every heart with dread.

My costume may cause nightmares. Yes, my mask may stop your heart. You might just shriek and wet yourself, then squeamishly depart.

And yet, I won’t be dressing as you might expect me to. I will not be a vampire or ghost that hollers “boo!”

I won’t look like a werewolf or a goblin or a ghoul, or even like a slimy blob of deadly, dripping drool.

I will not be a zombie or some other horrid creature. No, this year I’ll be much, much worse… I’m dressing as a teacher.

Copyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved.

  • "Grave Humor" by Kenn Nesbitt

Here lies the body of someone named Dave. Out walking at midnight he fell in this grave. He wouldn’t be dead and he wouldn’t be buried, if only he’d turned on that flashlight he carried.

Here lies Art. He wasn’t smart. Went outside and threw a dart. Threw it straight up in the air. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

At the zoo, Melinda Sue, first turned purple. Then turned blue. How was anyone to know a girl would try to hug a boa?

Bowling in the bowling alley was the end for our friend Sally. She got a strike, and that was all. Should have let go of the ball.

This lesson learned by Earnest will keep you safe from harm: Elephants like peanuts. They also like your arm.

We may never know what happened to Flo. She was scrubbing the bowl with a brush. She let out a yelp and what sounded like, “Help!” and the last thing we heard was a flush.

Copyright © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

  • "I'm Not Afraid of the Dark" by Kenn Nesbitt

Oh, I’m not afraid of the darkness. I don’t mind an absence of light. I can’t say I’m scared of the sunset or things that go “bump” in the night.

I’ve never been frightened of monsters or tentacles under my bed. Not skeletons, witches or goblins or creatures come back from the dead.

I’m not at all worried of werewolves, or even a vampire’s bite. I’m simply not scared of the darkness, except when you turn off the light.

Copyright © 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Did you like those poems? Well, you can check out more Kenn Nesbitt at!

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