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Parvani's September Movie Recommendations

Want something to watch? Look here.

This month's recommmendations:

  • Crazy Rich Asians PG-13

Okay, this movie is about crazy rich Asians. More specifically, it's about a poor girl falling in love with a crazy rich Asian, and then meeting his family, a lot of whom are exceptionally rude to her. Even though she's smart, she's not treated kindly by the family, and this movie is about all of that.

  • The Princess Bride PG

Fencing, swamps, poison, princesses, and torture. This movie has it all! Though some may find this a little too romantic, it does have good action too. Join Buttercup, a girl who the prince wishes to marry (she doesn't like him), still mourning over the loss of her love, a farmboy named Wesley. But then things start to happen. Like Buttercup getting kidnapped, a mysterious Man in Black showing up, and the mention of a six-fingered man.

  • The Parent Trap PG

Two girls go to a camp. They aren't from the same place, but for some reason they look alike. Along with that, the same two girls compete against each other in many different things. When they are forced to stay in the same house, they realize that they are much more closely connected than they thought. With this new bit of information, the girls hatch a plan to switch places. But will the whole attempt fail, or can they pull this one stunt off?

I think all of those movies are must-watches, even though they're all very different. I hope you watch these. Bye!

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