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The Dandelion Debate

This nature debate is something not even my friends and I can agree on, and that's really saying something!

Image from The Guardian

Dandelions: are they good or bad? Your first thought would probably be that they are bad, considering that they're weeds, so therefore the enemy of every serious gardener. Before we move on, I'd like to clarify what a weed is to those unfamiliar with the term. A weed is a plant that is undesirable in its location, and tends to overgrow other, more appealing plants. So, of course this makes you think that dandelions are bad. Well, you can’t jump to that conclusion yet. We have to look at all of the facts.

But what are the other facts? Well, I'm getting to that part, because dandelions can actually be very helpful. But here's something that most people can’t agree on: do dandelions help bees? Many say yes, that dandelions are a good source of food for bees, but others say, yeah, they can eat the dandelions, but many other plants would be better for them. I'm not an entomologist, but I can say that any plant is better than no plants for the bees.

So some definite good stuff about dandelions: they’re edible to humans, and an article by Healthline talked about all of the potential health benefits of eating them, to which there are many. Also, for all you dog-lovers out there, dandelions are amazing for your dog, I'm just saying. So what do you think? Are dandelions good or bad? Feel free to email me at!

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