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The Sweetness of Licitars

Everything about the Croatian desert.

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It's amazing how often we assume that people in different countries do things like us, from what they wear to what music they listen to. Licitars are one of those things that you just always thought never existed, probably for this reason.

Very frequently found in Croatia, licitars are biscuits that can be made in many different shapes, and are abundant on Valentine's Day. You probably recognize the idea of gingerbread ornaments, but licitars evolved to be a symbol of Croatia.

There are many different ways to make licitars nowadays, but the old method could take up to two months in total. What exactly is a licitar? Well, it's a cookie-ish thing made out of honey dough. As you can probably tell, although they do taste good, licitars are made to be feasts for the eyes as well as the mouth. Licitars don't just have to be hearts, though. They can be horseshoes, mushrooms, dolls, fish, you name it!

But enough with the talking, should you actually eat this? I'd give you a yes, but that's partially because I have a massive sweet tooth. I also read some recipes whose writers said licitars tasted good, but who knows if they were telling the truth or just trying to promote their recipe. All in all, just try it. Too many people say it's good to just ignore it.

And if you're going to try it, click here.

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